You will need to download and install Visual C++ 2013-2019 x86, Git Source Control Manager, and Node.js 32-bit

Installing the SDK

Linux Installer Script
Note: Requires npm and git to be installed.

Open an admin command prompt window and navigate to the directory you wish to install the SDK, then type the following commands:

git clone
cd ModLoader64
npm install
npm link

To check that ModLoader64 has installed properly:

cd ..
modloader64 -h

Starting a New Mod

To start a new plugin navigate to the working directory in a command prompt and run the following commands:

modloader64 --init
modloader64 --install
modloader64 --template oot_plugin_template

This will setup the initial framework and link the SDK to your working directory.
Navigate to ./src/mod name here/ and rename oot_plugin_template.ts to Main.ts.
Open ./src/plugin/package.json and change the value of "main" from index.js to Main.js. Open Main.ts and change class and module.exports to Main.
Start coding and have fun!

Building and Testing Your Mod

Once you have finised writing you mod and wish to build and test it, navigate a command prompt to your working directory and run the following:

modloader64 -br (Builds and runs the code in a test environment)
modloader64 -br2 (builds and runs a second instance of your mod for multiplayer testing)
modloader64 -bd (Builds and makes a .pak file for distribution)


The following is a list of options available to modloader64 SDK:

-n, --init                    init new project
-b, --build                   build mod
-r, --run                     run mod
-d, --dist                    pack mod
-2, --runp2                   run p2
-u, --update                  update
-q, --bumpversion             bump version number
-i, --install <url>           install dependency
-s, --setroms <path>          set rom directory
-c, --clean                   cleans build dirs
-a, --modulealias <alias>     alias a module path
-p, --modulealiaspath <path>  alias a module path
-z, --rebuildsdk              rebuild sdk
-t, --template <template>     make project from template
-w, --window                  gui window
-h, --help                    output usage information